The preferred and first choice G450

Our G450 is a sophisticated aircraft with a combination of high-performance at all altitudes and a concentration on safety. It comes with an upgraded Rolls-Royce engines, updated avionics technology and aerodynamic enhancements. One hundred percent fresh air is circulated through the cabin every two minutes where the interior environment is pressurized to 6,000 feet/1,829 meters at a cruise altitude of 45,000 ft/13,716 m. The ability of our G450 is to fly across continents with 14 passengers onboard. This makes it a preferred and frequent clients’ first choice. It's designed to meet the customer’s needs and budget.

“Stay Entertained and Informed”

Our G450 has a cockpit equipped with advanced guidance systems, cabin accessible luggage hold, high speed Internet access, satellite phone and multifunctional printer (Fax & Scanner). DVD/CD/MP3 players and a screen LCD monitors complete the digital entertainment. A very comfortable cabin includes a full-service gallery to ensure the ultimate business jet experience.

Years Manufactured : 2008
Crew : 02
Flight Attendant : 02
Seating : 14
Range : 4,334nm / 8,026km
High Speed : Mach 0.85
Cruise Speed : 550mph / 885kph

Length : 40.4 ft. / 12.29m
Height : 6.2 ft. / 1.88m
Width : 7.4 ft. / 2.24m
High speed WI-FI
High speed WI-FI
Catering: Snacks & Beverages
Microwave Oven
Coffee & Espresso Machine
Coffee & Espresso Machine
LCD TV screen
Air Show System
CD/DVD Players
Sound System
Baggage Capacity : 169ft / 4.8m
Baggage Area : 8 hard Suitcasses
Max Dimensions : 78 cm x 58 cm
Max Weight : 30 Kg/Bag
8 smallert soft bags
Max Weight : 10 Kg/Bag